DegenToadz are small, AI-generated tributes to CrypToadz and Bastard GAN Punks

Thanks to Gremplin and the CrypToadz team and community, and
Berk and the Bastard GAN Punks team and community,
for inspiring this project


- How many DegenToadz can I mint?
Up to 4 per wallet, one time on Polygon. More to come!

- How many will the dev mint?
23, for giveaways and gifts to the community.

- !rarity
All DegenToadz are rare!

- Do my DegenToadz come with any utility? Is there a discord? Toadmap?
DegenToadz are tribute to CrypToadz and BGAN Punks
made by a web2 dev experimenting with AI and web3.
For now, they come with no utility, no DAO, no roadmap, and no discord.
Contact me on Twitter if you want to help grow the community!

- What are CrypToadz and how come you copied their artwork?
CrypToadz are an NFT project that was designed by Gremplin and released under a CC0 license.
This means that anyone can take and reuse the artwork for any purpose they like.
DegenToadz are also licensed CC0.

- Are you associated with any other projects?
No, but I forked the CryptoFlyz mint site. Many thanks to them!
They were a major inspiration for this project.
Other inspirations include CreatureToadz and SpacePepes.

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